Things You Should Never Say When You Are Dating Divorce Women

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Dealing with a divorce is never too easy, especially for women. Every person you meet has questions to ask you around the reasons for your divorce. In fact, some are even curious to find out what are you planning to do with your life next. Things get all the more complicated for you when you choose to date another guy and lead a happy life. So, if you’ve fallen for a woman who’s recently been through a divorce and if you’re looking forward to spend some quality time with her then read on to discover some of the things that you should never be telling her.

  1. It must be difficult to live Without Your Children: When it comes to dating divorced women, men must never ask any questions related to their children. It can be extremely painful for a divorced woman to discuss topics related to her kids and the best you can do is to not raise it until she really wants to talk about it. Remember, despite the divorce, women generally want their kids by their side and if you too have a cougar partner who’s extremely attached and emotional about her kids then its better you don’t raise the topic at all.
  2. Being a Single Mom must be a Daunting Task for you: A number of older women are choosing to divorce their partners either because they are unhappy in their marriages or because their husband’s are having extra marital affairs. This is one of the major reasons why cougar dating in US is very common. However, if you’re dating such a cougar woman too then make sure you never pity them for being single moms. As her partner, you must only encourage them to live their lives happily. By asking and telling her things like being a single mom must have been difficult, you’re only making matters worse. Both of you are well aware of the fact that she’s a single mom and has kids to look after and the best way to deal with such a situation is to extend a helping hand rather than making her feel miserable about the entire situation.
  3. You must be Happy Now That you’re Alone: One of the first rules of cougar dating for men is that they must never make their partners feel uncomfortable or unhappy about anything. Thus, when you say things such as, ‘You must be happy now you’re alone’ to a cougar woman who’s been through a harsh divorce, you’re only making things worse for yourself. No divorced woman would want to be with a man who makes her feel uncomfortable or behaves in an immature way. Rather than making her feel bad about her bad divorce, you should make her feel good about herself as well as your relationship.

To conclude, when it comes to dating a woman who’s been through a bad marriage and bitter divorce, men must avoid raising certain topics or issues that annoy or irritate her. Instead, they should focus on loving and caring for her and make her feel comfortable with them.