Worst Cougar Dating Advice You Should Never Follow

There’s been a lot of talk about being the ideal cougar lover. However, there has been scant attention paid to the rules and methods of cougar dating when hormones take over. In the larger interests of the thousands of aspiring cougar hunters out there, here is some cougar dating advice you should totally avoid while dealing with sophisticated older women.

  • Online correspondence: a lot of ezines suggest that you be very direct and upfront while establishing contact with a cougar dating younger men. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cougars out there are educated, established, and with a reputation on the line. Do not ever post provocative comments or pictures, as that’s the best way to get a reject.
  • Predator and prey: Never, ever make her feel as if you’re waiting for her to down a drink or two more than normal and then take advantage of her unsteadiness. She’s seen plenty of people like that before , and chances are that while you’re waiting for her to emerged from the restroom, she’s already taken an exit through the back door, rest assured, you’ll never hear from her again.

cougar dating advice

  • Freedom: The highest percentage of cougar dating young men is because of the reason that they’re bored with their listless husbands and want to inject some life and spirit in their everyday routine. It is highly recommended that you avoid cribbing about your issues with them on a regular basis. They will see you as an off loader, and trust me, they do not need one in their lives, and there are plenty of other eligible and virile men out there. Secondarily, do not ever try to impose restrictions on them, because its restrictions they’re attempting to break out from.
  • Open mindedness: Cougar dating advice might have told you that they had great luck with sharing interests and passions with cougars who gradually took a liking to their tastes; bullshit. You need to first find out what she likes and try to open your mind first. She’s more experienced than you and will have an abundance of experience that will accelerate your cultural refinement. Save your PS3 to show off to your friends, because her kids are probably playing on them too.
  • Life lessons: Don’t try to be a wise ass and spout founts of knowledge about the true meaning of life that you’ve gathered from “how-to” books. Dude, she’s seen it all with her own eyes and doesn’t need a pesky kid with a runny nose trying to explain Pink Floyd. Chances are you weren’t even born when Floyd was performing. If you have to listen to Bieber, for the sake of the world, do it on your iPod.
  • Sex: A good part of your tie together is going to be in the bed. She’s experienced and mature, don’t go by your buddy’s advice and stick it like you do with a high school cheerleader. You need to indulge in foreplay, the more the better. Reading more at cougarwebsites.com