In recent times, dating pattern has changed a lot. Unlike during the old times where the man was supposed to foot all bills for travel, meals and other expenses, women are now stepping up to share the responsibilities. For the longest time cases of older men dating younger women have been plenty and even acceptable to the society. Things have slowly changed and now it is becoming a trend to date rich cougars. These men can be in their late teens and early twenties.
Cougars are older women, approximately 40 years and above, who date much younger men.
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Cougar is the name given to an older woman who dates younger men. Cougars are women who are independent, successful, rich and beautiful. They are the kind of women who know what they want and how to get it. This self-confidence, along with the aforementioned qualities, is what makes them all the more attractive to men. Cougars are usually thirty-five years old and above and often frequent bars, nightclubs and even online dating sites in hopes of finding a young man. Although ‘cougar’ is often used in a derogatory manner, it is an appropriate nickname actually. After all, cougars are known to be one of the most beautiful and captivating predators in the world.

Cougar dating is fast becoming popular for both men and women who want to venture into a relationship without the drama and strings attached. Cougars are also known for being blunt about their feelings and are adept with flirting that men find a turn on. Since most cougars are successful women, they are often wealthy which puts the pressure off men to be the one to foot the bill most of the time. In fact, it is the other way around. In most cases, it is usually the older woman who makes sure that her beauty is well taken care of.
Dating a rich cougar is very easy to do nowadays with the introduction of dating sites where such women are easy to find. They are usually looking for sexual pleasures from young men in exchange for money. Apart from getting into it for the money, young men also find the older women very attractive. This is considering that they know how to maintain their young appealing looks so that they age gracefully. People have different dating preferences and if you are a young man looking for a cougar, it is now easier for you to find the right rich woman for dating. So, does a dating a rich cougar have any benefits? The truth is that there is a fun side to it.

Psychologically, there are a number of reasons as well why men look for older women and not females of their own age. Another popular myth is that men seek older women for financial reasons or they say that it is the maturity, depth and spirit in older women that captured their eyes, and their heart.