What Mistakes Young Men Make When Dating Rich Cougars

Dating Rich Cougars

When dating a cougar there are very few mistakes that you can make.  They want you to be yourself and understand that you won’t be necessarily as knowledgeable or experienced as them.  If you want to date a rich cougar you should know the common mistakes that are made when rich cougar dating so that you can avoid them.

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Be With Her

Society in the past has tended to look down on younger men dating rich women but times are changing and more and more things are becoming acceptable.  Don’t ever act like you are embarrassed to be with her.  Acting embarrassed is a great way to end up upsetting her and being single.  Be proud to be with her.

Trying To Act Older Than You Are

Cougars have already been through life.  They have dated people their own ages and didn’t like it.  They are looking for someone young and vibrant.  If you try to act older than you are you are actually ruining the experience for her.  Act your age, be random, be energetic, and do fun things.

Let Her Pay

She isn’t after your money.  You are rich cougar dating after all.  Don’t get offended when she tries to pay for meals or activities.  If you try to be macho and let your ego come into play she might get upset.  She expects to pay because she is established in life and makes more money.  There is nothing wrong with a woman paying.

Be Open

There are going to be differences in your lifestyles.  Rich older women come from a different part of the life cycle.  Don’t be surprised if she likes things done differently or does things differently than you.  Be open minded and don’t try to correct her on her lifestyle choices.  You never know, you might learn something cool by dating rich women who have different lifestyles.

She Isn’t A Prize

While it may be cool to tell your bros about her, don’t treat a rich woman like a prize.  She wants to be treasured but at the same time feel like a person.  Show her that you care about her for who she is.  Be her champion, not a champion over her.

Ask Advice, Don’t Whine

She knows that there are going to be problems in your life.  Instead of whining about them, ask her for her advice.  She will be more than happy to pass on some of her knowledge.  Whining to rich women will only result in them thinking you are not worth their time.

It’s Not All About You

She may want to know stuff about you and even ask you questions but don’t be confused, it isn’t all about you.  A cougar wants you to ask her questions too.  She wants the time to tell you about herself, just like any woman would want, or man for that matter too.  No one likes it when one person is the focus of all of the attention.

Don’t Talk About Age

The last thing any woman wants to talk about is their age.  If you want to date a rich cougar, never talk about her age.  If she seems concerned about the relationship you can comfort her but do so without talking about her age.  Just assure her that she is what you are looking for.  Age is one of the easiest ways to offend a woman.

Don’t Give Up

A cougar won’t play your average game when you are in a relationship with them but that doesn’t mean that they will be easy.  You need to treat a cougar just like you would any woman, with respect and patience.  Woo her and stick with it.  A relationship might not develop on the first date and you might not have sex on the first date but there is always time for a second date.  You are still young after all!

Now that you know the mistakes made when dating rich women and older women you will be better equipped to find the right cougar for you.  The best thing that you can do when rich cougar dating is treat her like she matters and listen to everything she says.  Listening to any woman you date, whether you date a rich cougar or someone your own age, is critical.


Date a rich Cougar without emptying your wallet

Does your tight wallet compel you to keep away from women? Despite desire, the men abstain from women for the fear of losing their hard earnings. Also, the young men may not have a good source of income and hence there is no question of spending lavishly on women. Seeing the hot and sexy lasses, they drool, and yet they find a way to slyly escape to their own dreamy seclusion. But there are smarter young men that know how to date a rich cougar and satisfy the cardinal desires without spending a single penny. So, there is nothing like hindrance if one wishes to satiate one’s sexualurges.

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There are several rich women across the globe that looks for suitable young men to spend quality time and to sexually satisfy them. It is not a difficult task to date a rich cougar, but it is required that you come out of the fences of self abnegation and the feelings of inferiority complex. As a modern young man, you should certainly have an access to the web world. If so, you can easily transcend the hindrances of geographical boundaries and feel the warmth and love of cougar women.There are several online platforms that facilitate the opportunities to meet the cougars, and if you wish to date a cougar, you can do it without emptying your wallet.

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Many of the women are cougars by force and others by choice. There are widows that satisfy their physical urges by being in the company of young men. They refuse to marry as they have undergone several sweet and bitter experiences. Also, there are women that are interested in men younger than their own age. Being in the company of young men and getting sexually involved with them renders more pleasure and satisfaction. So, there are millions of women with thousands of reasons to mate with the young boys. There is no dearth of such pretty women, and what is really required is the desire and guts to date a rich cougar. There is no need to worry about the wallet to date a rich cougar, as the woman may spread not only her thighs, but also her purse for you.