The Reason for the Growing Trend of men Dating Cougars

The women of today’s world have evolved to be not only smart and confident but they have also learnt to keep themselves forever young. You must have heard about the phrase: “Forty is the new twenty”. However ridiculous it sounds, that attractive young woman you see on TV whose laugh makes you want to melt, yeah her. She’s probably forty five going on forty six. Yeah, that’s exactly how women maintain themselves nowadays. Isn’t it just wonderful and immensely attractive? It sure is. And yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Dating them is not only just “possible”; it has become very popular in the present day world. The thing about the guys in the present world is that most of them are reluctant to take responsibilities of a relationship. It’s not like it is a bad thing. If anything, this reluctance is absolutely normal. After all, there are just so many things in life that is needed to be worried about. On top of that, having to maintain a relationship can be a lot of pain. Well, that isn’t the case with dating older women. These women automatically stay in charge of keeping the relationship stable and maintaining the peace and fun. It’s almost surprising how capable they are of maintaining the needs of their man except that, there is nothing all that surprising about it.

Call it their inner maturity or call it their experience, older women know the ways of a relationship and they are always willing to invest more in it. One can find dating an older woman extremely fulfilling. In a relationship with an older woman, you can not only drool at their mature beauty but you can enjoy few of the most enjoyable sex. Older women have a reputation to be absolute stars in bed. Their professionalism added to their sensuality can not only bring out the inner animal in you but at the same time they can fill you with a sense of unimaginable satisfaction. Their ways and techniques in bed are extremely remarkable and their ability to handle the entire “episode” is commendable. One can find unknown pleasures while dating an older woman. These are the kind of pleasures that you can never as much as dream to experience from women younger or of the same age as yours. So, double you’re searching skills and find out the most exclusive cougar to date to experience the magic of cougars.

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The Fun Part of Dating Rich Cougars

The trend of men dating rich cougars has attained maximum popularity.

The boys nowadays seem to be way more interested in

women older to them than younger women or women of the same age.

Of course it has its reasons. If you notice closely,

you’ll realize, the women of today’s world

seem to have found the ultimate secret of carrying themselves well even

after hitting their forties or sometimes even above.

There is no wonder that the guys of the present generation

find them exceedingly appealing and increasingly attractive.

The appeal of these women seems to treble as they grow older.

This secret is something that only they have discovered and only they can carry.

All that guys can do is marvel at their beauty and enjoy it to its fullest extent.

Dating a cougar has it pros and cons of which the pros greatly outnumber the cons.

The best part of dating a cougar is that you can be free of all obligations.

The keyword here is maturity.

Cougars are mature people who are looking for some fun time with compatible men.

This can be a wonderful opportunity for men that have issues with commitments.

Unlike other women cougars don’t demand commitment,

all they want is a healthy and positive relationship and

the best part is that they are extremely responsible people

who know how to take good care of the men in their lives.

What’s more? Cougars are generally extremely rich.

Dating a cougar may turn out to be one of the most interesting and

exciting experience one will ever be able to encounter.

Everybody wants a relationship with minimum drama and maximum positive.

Well, turns out dating cougars can give you exactly that.

The biggest advantage of dating an older woman is that it is extremely pocket friendly.

When dating a cougar,

you do not need to spend loads and loads of your cash to satisfy her

and then deal with the pain of rejection. No, that is not how it is.

The roles here are actually reversed.

Cougars have a habit of taking care of every small requirement of the man in their lives.

So if you are interested in cougars,

you better not laze around watching them in internet videos

and get out there to actually meet these cougars.

Rest assured there are a number of cougars dying to meet you out there.

All you need to do is find them.

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Don’t worry, you should date a rich cougar women

Today we are going to talk about all the men who have large dignities who wish that

they were dating rich cougar women, because they are hot.

But here’s the real deal, if I was single, I’d much rather date them, because they are rich.There are lots of rich and successful women out there that are missing one important thing in their life that is lasting relationships. They may be reaching out for more friends, wanting to go on casual dates.


Think about it. You don’t have to pay a cent, you can enjoy First class all the time.

They know exactly what they want and how to get it, no beating around the bush with cougars . Fantastic foods, LV, High class bars and restaurants. In a bar, as long as you have some money to last until the right woman is found. That is my dream, laugh and loud. It would be a blast to be somebody’s boy toy. Increasingly, rich cougar women are turning to matchmakers—some of whom charge up to $2000,000 a year—to help them find love.I had no issues and no qualms of ever dating a woman that has more money than I do. I don’t really care if i make money more than them.

But here’s the problem, a lot of guys are so full of ego they can’t handle if a woman makes more than them. So what they’ll do is they’ll take her out to meals that they can’t afford, just to prove that they can keep up with her lifestyle. A friend of mine took a woman on a trip to Barcelona , they had dinner in her favourite restaurant, enjoyed the dancing, music, and style of a world-class flamenco show at this venue that hosts both flamenco stars and up-and-coming new talent. He spent $10,000 when he only had half of it in the bank. She tried to offer to help him out but he said, “No, don’t worry about it, it’s my treat.”

Oh dear god, don’t worry about it? seriously, when I get home I’ll just be stressful for the next three years on how to pay this vacation off. Now you are dating, things is changed as you can’t spend half your life probably half your salary, believe me visiting expensive places and the other half not spending at all.

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Who cares what somebody make? Feel free to have your way with the rich cougar women. When I was dating, I would have loved to have met a rich celebrity woman and lived that lifestyle, the person you want to spend the rest of your money with is the person who has your back. Why not? Women do it all the time,. Women meet men with fortune and they’ve never mind of taking that money. Hell, they’ll marry guys with money for two years and then try to get half the money.

It’s about time we acted on it. I’m all for men dating rich women. And you know what, hell with the pride and start enjoying the incredible life, because you gotta know something, Lamborghini, staying at the fancy hotel and eating expensive meals after amazing sex are far better than living in a regular apartment, having lawn chair furniture as living room furniture because you can’t even afford a couch, how sad is that? Why don’t you get out of your worrying, choose to date rich, mature, and sexy cougar women.I believe you will find the way.

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