Why Cougar Dating Relationship is so popular in Hollywood Nowadays?

cougar dating

cougar dating in Hollywood

It’s fashionable, stylish and an amazing trend that Hollywood celebrities love to follow, you’ve guessed it right we are talking about cougar dating. Before going any further let’s discover what exactly this form of dating is and how does it work.

Cougar is a term given to women who are typically in their 30’s to 40’s looking to date younger men. Though people often link this form of relation with sexual commitment, but it is much more than that. This is because Hollywood has taken its own turn on this term and thus had popularized across different parts of the world. Today, there are not just a few but several celebrities who are tagged to be cougar and the best thing are that they are happy with this acknowledgment.

Cougar Dating & Hollywood- When did it Happen?

The spark of cougar life ignited every part of Hollywood when Demi Moore started dating Ashton Kutcher. Ashton was 15 years younger than Moore and interesting this is that both of them got married too. However, after a certain period of time both took their separate ways but this did not stop 51-year old lady Moore who found a new love of her heart in 27 years old Sean Friday. The chemistry that she is able to nurture with her partners is exceptional and something that has always remained to be inspirational for many.

Was it Only Demi Moore Who Kept the Trend Alive?

The trend of cougar dating was a phenomenal success by the time Moore was busy with Ashton. With time it made its way to different parts of Hollywood and other glorious celebs were seen dating younger lands. Popular examples are Sandra Bullock, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and many more.

So cougar dating now became a revolutionary approach towards establishing a relationship between men and women. But, the thing is why did it become so popular, and what made it stay alive till today?

Hollywood Celebs Know What they Deserve

The beauties of Hollywood town are evergreen and they always deserve the best. Even though their age increases but the vivacity and spark that they hold never runs out. To match up to this nothing can be better than younger men. This is because young men live their life on their impulse; they are adventure freaks and definitely know what it takes to make older women happy.

It’s a Fashionable Statement That Keeps Older Women Alive

If Hollywood does it then it has to be fashionable. The same goes with older women looking for younger men. Put it simply, when you see a pretty face with a young or handsome men then you realize that the women knows what she is doing. It’s like a fashion statement that they create which keeps them in the buzz even when they are not in news. The better they get with this relationship, the more people start talking about it and ultimately the popular it gets.


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