Why More Kiwis are signing up for dating rich cougar free

According to the latest survey conducted on dating rich cougars, the rate of New Zealand residents often referred as “kiwis” has been increasing rapidly since 1986. The data collected by earlier three censuses clearly depicts about the increasing trend of doting toyboys. Middle aged women of about thirty five to forty years of age are vigorously hunting for their young dates at parties, clubs and even online and Cougar dating website has been developed in past few years.

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This phenomenon of older women dating younger men is not only restricted to common people, many famous personalities like film stars are also found sporting the trend. Demi Moore with her fifteen year young toyboy Ashton Kutcher and Jarret Stoll, ice hockey player from Canada who is thirteen year younger than her cougar Rachel Hunter, famous Kiwi model are most famous of all Conversely, the rate of older men dating women younger to them has declined considerably compared to their counterpart. The major observation extends from 3% in 1986 when women of forty to forty five years of age dated men who were younger by minimum of five years; the number has become twice of last year. About 5 to 7% of women aging between fifty years are scavenging for younger boys. While for opposite sex the rate has fallen from 34% to 27% last year with respect to 1986. Now toyboys can chose their partners and go on dating rich cougar free at Cougar Dating Club, a website to track cougars.

Researchers have found that women growing old find penultimate satisfaction in alluring boys younger to them and driving them to bed. They resort to the free cougar dating site to get access to the toyboy of their choice. It boosts their moral and self confidence, as they realize that they are still attractive.Younger boys can satisfy them in much better ways and till the time demanded by cougars. Eventually the term cougar would vanish and wouldn’t remain a taboo anymore. Like traditional method where men wanted younger women and women desired for rich and older men to continue their sexual life, this relation will also be widely accepted and honored.

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